10 Ways to Speed Up Your Shopify Website and Improve Conversion of Shopify Store

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Why important to speed up your Shopify store?


A one-second delay in page load time, many affect to your website and ecommerce store.

  • Shopify store loading time decreases your conversions by 7%,
    • Page views by 16%
    • Customer satisfaction by 23%
    • Decrease page views by 11%

Your store speed impacts store Bounce rate, SEO rankings, and sales. If speed up your store just 1 second then get many positive impacts on your store.

Best tools to check up Shopify website Speed 2019:

  • Gtmetrix
    • Pingdom Tools
    • PageSpeed Insights

If your Shopify site speed load time more than 3 seconds then you lose almost 40% visitor and get high bounce rate.

 How to speed up your Shopify website in 2019

There are many different ways to increase your store speed up, optimize the Shopify website and improve the user experience.

In this article, we give most affected 10 tips for decrease your site load time and improve store performance.

  • Choose well optimize Shopify Theme
    • Reduce The Number Of Apps Use
    • Reduce HTTP requests or reduce server call
    • Minify and combine CSS, JS files
    • Avoid bad server requests
    • Defer parsing of JavaScript and Asynchronous loading for CSS
    • Compress and Reduce Images
    • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
    • Lazy loading images
    • Get Expert Advise
  • Choose well optimize Shopify Theme
    • The most important point is the theme selection for your store. Use optimize and fast themes.

How to check Shopify theme is optimize or not?

  • Check all style including all style in 2-3 CSS and JavaScript files
    • Loaded in a non-blocking way
    • Provide Lazy Loading
    • Look simple and professional
    • Device-responsive design or mobile-friendly UI
    • Simplify liquid code

If the theme provides good performance than most of the issue solves by default. So install perfect and optimize theme into your store.

10 Best Shopify Themes for 2019 – Optimize Shopify Theme

The list of themes if best for any store. Also, need a discount on any Shopify theme than contact us.

  • Reduce The Number Of Apps use
    • Your site gets bad performance than check performance in gtmetric and checks how many server requests. If the server requests high then a checklist of the request and identifies app request.
    • If the installed app does not affect your store then remove App or contact to App provider and explain speed issue.
    • I checked some store installed 30 to 40 App if the count server request
    • Every App minimum 4 server request and installed 30 apps then only app load 4*30 = 120 server request from App. And slow down your store.
    • So we suggest removing unused App to improve store optimize and speed up.
  • Reduce HTTP requests or reduce server call
    •  Sometimes many stores show to many image load in the home page and added many unused server calls to the home page.
    • First, analyze server request and identify which request not required for the current page.
    •  For example: in one store home page load review related JS and CSS file but it is not required on the home page it is required for the product page.
    •  So identify and simplify store code.
  • Minify and combine CSS, JS files
    •  For Example, I have 10 coins and pass to another person. I have two way one is given one by one coin and pass 10 coin. And the second way is to box all coins in one box and pass to another person.
    •  Which way faster?
    • Of Couse, your answer is the second way the same thing in web server. If webserver pass one by one file then take more time and down performance, we suggest to combine and minified possible file into one or two files.
  • Avoid bad server requests
    •  How to avoid bad server request of website or Shopify store?
    •  Sometimes your image, CSS file, JS file or any other type of file request to a server but it’s not available inside server and server show 404 error message and west time for a server to file unavailable resource.
    • Identify and remove bad server request from the server and optimize Shopify store.
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript and Asynchronous loading for CSS

           How to defer loading of JavaScript?

Deferring JavaScript means load all JavaScript file and script only after page content has been loaded. In simple way to say load all JavaScript after load of HTML and other element of webpage.

  • Move JavaScript code in your HTML just before the </body> tag
    • external script using “defer” attribute
    • For Example: <script src=”sample.js” defer></script>
  • Compress and Reduce Images
    • Without optimizing and compress Images increases the weight of your store, and 40% to 70% of your web pages total weight.
    • Shopify expert also recommends using TinyJPG or TinyPNG for optimizing images also over team optimize all image throw coding.

And one more point is removed images from the page. Because every image comes from the server if more image then counts incense of server request.

  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
    • HTML Style tags and included stylesheets code should be placed before your scripts tag. If you do this your pages load faster and reduce waiting time.
    • How to optimize the order of styles and scripts?
    • Achieve this goal throw changes some line of code. Move all style before all JS.
    • Add all style inside head section and move all script before the end of the body section.
  • Lazy loading images
    • This method is powerful for any Shopify store to optimize and load faster.
    • Lazy loading images achieve using a JQuery library to only load images when they should be visible in the user’s viewport, it is improving the initial page load speed.
    • Matt Mlinac’s lazyload jQuery plugin is best for any website.
  • Get Expert Advise
    • If need to optimize and speed up your Shopify store professional way then check over services and boost your store speed and boom your sales.

The bottom line

  • Spend some time to analyze store, listed high impact on load time and try to solve the issue.

Your site speed impact on your sales, your customer happy then automatically get more client and more sales. It’s also remembering over tip for optimize store.

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